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Our Team

A group of professional guides and development workers, our team at Volunteer Society Treks Nepal are ready to serve your interests and make your journey in Nepal meaningful. Our team are proud to share their country, its nature and cultures with you.

Our many years of experience in the field have equipped us with professionalism, reliability, and high quality service. We will provide everything you need to make your trip safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

We believe in responsible tourism, and by booking a tour with us you can rest assured that your money is going into the local economy to fund social and development projects for a better Nepal. We are dedicated to bringing together our passion for tourism with the desire to better our country. Booking a tour with Volunteer Society Nepal contributes to this goal.

See more about who we are, the members of the team in Kathmandu and in the field, on our relevant pages operations team, field staff, and executive members.